Bostitch UK

Reel Ends


This machine is perfect for producing reels as the dual movement bridge is able to nail the complex patterns required for strong reels.

The steel anvil on the flat assembly table ensures a clinched finish for a stronger hold and the roller system conveniently moves the completed panel for removal. The optional saw and mill is useful for finishing the reels whilst the assembly table can be transformed into a turntable to help the operator set up the different sizes of wood.

Key Features:

  • Complex nailing patterns made easy
  • Optional extras for added efficiency and flexibility
Number of tools   Working Area (Standard)   Working Area (Optional)
(min - max)
  Length (mm) 3200   Length (mm) 5000
Width (mm) 1400 Width (mm) 2500
Height (mm) 250 Height (mm) 250

Working Area

The maximum working area of each machine is shown in the data tables.

These dimensions indicate the largest single item that can be made. Alternatively, several smaller items can be producted within the same working area.