Bostitch UK

Case Sides


A fully automatic solution for the manufacture of case panels, the BOS-PAN can be specified with manual or automatic feed systems.

Boards are loaded into guide rails and are automatically positioned according to the pre-programmed format.

Synchronised nailing can be combined with material roll feed systems allowing foil lined panels to be produced in one pass. This can be placed at any point in the manufacturing process.

As an option, a sawing unit can be included to ensure precise dimensions are achieved for the finished panel.

Key Features:

  • Choice of manual or automated component feed
  • Can be specified with multiple additional options for increased productivity
Number of tools   Working Area (Standard)   Working Area (Optional)
(min - max)
  Length (mm) 1500   Length (mm) 6000
Width (mm) 1500 Width (mm) 4000
Height (mm) 64 Height (mm) 64


The BOS-ROBO H is able to produce complete case panels with complex nailing patterns by means of the dual movement bridge. As with other machines, the bridge moves along the table but the tools on the BOS-ROBO H can also move, allowing for quick, precise nailing of otherwise complicated patterns.

The steel anvil on the flat assembly table ensures a clinched finish for a stronger hold.

Key Features:

  • Dual movement bridge for complex nailing patterns
  • Completed panels in one movement
  • Ideal for larger panel production
Number of tools   Working Area (Standard)   Working Area (Optional)
(min - max)
  Length (mm) 3200   Length (mm) 7000
Width (mm) 1400 Width (mm) 4000
Height (mm) 250 Height (mm) 250

Working Area

The maximum working area of each machine is shown in the data tables.

These dimensions indicate the largest single item that can be made. Alternatively, several smaller items can be producted within the same working area.