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The BOS-FENC machines are designed for the most popular types of fencing panels – feather edge or waney (lapped) edge  – with either seven or nine tools.

The single operator loads the jig and the bridge moves over to complete the nailing.

This machine has a quick changeover to another dimension of panel, making it ideal for fast-paced production environments.

Key Features:

  • Single operator
  • Easy set-up
  • Quick change over
Number of tools   Working Area (Standard)   Working Area (Optional)
(min - max)
  Length (mm) 2000   Length (mm) 3000
Width (mm) 2000 Width (mm) 3000
Height (mm) 150 Height (mm) 150


The BOS-FENC H is designed for production runs of fence panels of different sizes on a flat assembly table. Panels are placed on the table and the bridge completes the nailing in one movement, whilst the steel anvil ensures a clinched finish for a stronger hold.

The bridge can be fitted with different tools depending on the application and the nailing pattern can also be adjusted so that different size panels can be nailed at the same time.

Stackers can be added at both ends of the BOS-FENC H to increase productivity.

Key Features:

  • Complete fence panels in one movement
  • Different size panels simultaneously
Number of tools   Working Area (Standard)   Working Area (Optional)
(min - max)
  Length (mm) 3200   Length (mm) 5000
Width (mm) 1400 Width (mm) 2500
Height (mm) 250 Height (mm) 250

Working Area

The maximum working area of each machine is shown in the data tables.

These dimensions indicate the largest single item that can be made. Alternatively, several smaller items can be producted within the same working area.