Bostitch UK

Key Elements: The Point

The point of a nail is much more important than would seem at first glance. There are points for normal applications, points to prevent the wood from breaking and points designed to help bend the nail over after being driven (called clinching).

The standard point for all nails is Chisel point and this is quite sharp and allows easier penetration into the wood. As this is point comes as standard it is NOT featured in the SKU code.

To reduce the possibility of the wood splitting, there are Blunt Points & Flat Points. BP and FP in SKU codes.

There is also a special point called Clinch Point, CP for short in nail SKU codes.

The shank of the nail is cut diagonally so that when the nail hits a metal plate placed under the wood, it is deflected to one side and can be bent over. This form of clinch fastening gives by far the best finish, but requires the most energy and is hardest on the tool.