Bostitch UK

Construction Tools

Like any industry, production methods and safety measures are constantly evolving in the construction sector, which is reflected in the constantly evolving range of BOSTITCH construction tools and construction fasteners.

As well as ensuring we have the right construction tools, we also make sure we have the best tools. For example, rather than developing just a single framing tool, we manufacture a range of products to suit all situations.

All systems have their pros and cons, so we offer plastic, paper and wire-weld collated nails and tools to give the best tool and fastener combination possible for a given application (you can learn more about this here).

We also know that things change over time - the increasing use of joist hangers and metal connecting plates in modern construction was just such a change. The development of the F21PL-E with interchangeable tips and the more recent launch of the award-winning Strapshot tool were done to give the user exactly what they need - dependable equipment, minimal downtime, comfort and operator safety.

Our range of construction tools have all been designed to be as compact and lightweight as possible, with enhanced safety features and improved driving power making them easier and safer to use all day long.

This constant development process is extended across the whole sector. Whether it be launching a Concrete Nailer (the SB-HC50FN) that drives tungsten hardened nails into almost all forms of concrete block or designing a system such as the Button Cap stapler for improved weather proofing installation, we ensure that as processes change, we have the construction tools to suit.

Please select from the choice of applications here to see the range of BOSTITCH construction tools and fasteners designed specifically for the construction industry.