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SB-HC50FN 2.8mm Ring


2.8mm Ring

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  • HCFN

    Diameter: 1.8 - 1.8mm

    Length: 20 - 50mm

Tool Details

  • Designed to drive tungsten hardened nails into almost all forms of concrete block, the SB-HC50FN can fix door liners into block and gripper rods into floor screeds.
  • It is not recommended that this tool is used to drive nails into any form of strengthened concrete or engineered and glazed bricks.


  • Aluminium Housing Aluminium Housing
  • Rubber Comfort Grip Rubber Comfort Grip
  • No-Mar-Tip No-Mar-Tip
  • Dial-A-Depth Dial-A-Depth
  • Adjustable Exhaust Adjustable Exhaust
  • Sequential Trip Sequential Trip
  • Bottom Loading Bottom Loading
  • Carry Case Carry Case


Power type Pneumatic
Weight 1.98 kg
Width 76 mm
Length 293 mm
Height 275 mm
Magazine capacity (max) 100
HCFN Series Fasteners:
Diameter (mm) 1.8 (min) 1.8 (max)
Length (mm) 20 (min) 50 (max)
Head (mm) 2.8 (min) 3.2 (max)
Collation angle 0
Operating pressure 5.00 - 7.00 BAR
  72.00 - 100.00 PSI
Air Consumption Ltr.per shot @ 5.6 bar 1.6
Air fitting thread type 1/4 BSP
Noise LPA 1sd 96.80
  LWA 1sd 100.30
  LPA 1s, 1m 87.30
Vibration / Uncertainty 2.13 / N/A m/s2
  • Oil lube SB32
  • No mar tip P1670001032
  • Piston assembly G0215500

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