Bostitch UK

Shown below are optional units that can be specifed for relevant Pallet & Case machines


Allows top decks or completed pallets to be rotated or turned through 180° for effcient stacking.

The BOS-TURN can be programmed to integrate with other units for smooth, continual workfow.



Automated stacker for fast, effcient movement of completed pallets.

The BOS-STACK can be programmed with other units for smooth, continual workfow.



Robot arms can be installed to provide automated positioning of pallets or components for more effcient milling, marking or cutting.



Flexible roller units designed for moving of components or finished pallets within the manufacturing environment.

The unit can be specifed with manual or powered rollers.

Also ideal for confguration with the BOS-STACK.



An electronically controlled brand marking unit, the BOS-MARK is equipped with a multi-position heat branding or ink based system capable of including dies for logos and branding.

Up to 6 positions can be marked in a single pass.



Automated saw precisely removes the corner angles of fnished pallets.

The BOS-CUT can be incorporated prior to automated stacking.