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H30-8D6-E Bostitch H30-8D6-E Hammer Tacker


Bostitch H30-8D6-E Hammer Tacker

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  • STCR5019

    Crown: 11 - 11mm

    Length: 6 - 10mm

Tool Details

  • Productivity and reliability are maximised thanks to the quick-load magazine and tool-free jam clearing.
  • Ideal for insulation, plastic sheeting, roofing paper and moisture wrap, the H30-8D6-E is a great value hammer tacker.
  • Comes complete with staples and ballistic nylon holster.

This product has been replaced by:


  • Aluminium Housing Aluminium Housing
  • Rubber Comfort Grip Rubber Comfort Grip
  • Anti Slip Bumpers Anti Slip Bumpers
  • Tool Belt Tool Belt


Power type Manual
STCR5019 Series Fasteners:
Crown (mm) 11 (min) 11 (max)
Length (mm) 6 (min) 10 (max)

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SKU Crown Width Length Finish Point Quantity per box Buy Online
STCR501906AL 11 6 Alu Clinch 5000  
STCR501906Z 11 6 Galv Clinch 5000  
STCR501908Z 11 8 Galv Clinch 5000  
STCR501910Z 11 10 Galv Clinch 5000  
STCR50191/4-1M 11 6 Galv Clinch 1000  
STCR50193/8-1M 11 10 Galv Clinch 1000