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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DoP?

If a manufacturer or distributor offers CE-approved construction products they will need to CE-mark the construction product and to declare the performance of construction products in a specific document called a DoP (Declaration of Performance). This DoP must be made available upon request.

When is a product defined as a construction product?

The new regulation defines a construction product as a product that:

- is incorporated permanently into a construction or into parts of a construction

- has influence on the performance of any of the following construction work requirements:

  • mechanical resistance and stability
  • hygiene, health and environment
  • safety in case of fire
  • safety in use and accessibility in use
  • protection against noise
  • energy, economy and heat retention
  • sustainable use of natural resources

If any of the aforementioned definitions do not apply to the use of the construction product, it is not mandatory to use a CE approved fastener or fixing.

When can I use fasteners without CE marking?

You can keep on working with a building product without a CE marking if it:

  • is not permanently incorporated into construction works, or
  • does not affect the essential requirements of the construction works, or
  • is not covered by a harmonised standard or ETA.

If you opt for a building product without the CE marking, you must be able to prove that it is of sufficient quality and that the building the product is incorporated into meets the applicable building requirements.

For further clarification please refer to this flowchart that should help to identify if a CE-marked product is mandatory.

Do I need CE marked products for every applications?

No. You can use this flowchart to define if your product needs a CE marking or not.

Is the DoP included with every CE-marked product?

No. The DoP is not included with every CE-marked products. You can download them via this website.