Bostitch UK


Given the diverse range of products in the BOSTITCH portfolio, it should come as no surprise that they are sometimes used for very specific applications. Everything from cages and lobster pots to chain link fencing can be produced using a BOSTITCH tool and fastener. In fact, if the application uses a fastener, BOSTITCH will probably have a product to fit.

Many of the specialist applications use the Hartco range of tools. These Hartco clinching tools squeeze clips around wire materials using 2000lbs of force. Built to withstand the rigours of high volume industrial use these rugged yet light tools easily absorb the day-to-day grind. These are not just hard wearing they are also low maintenance units and can apply clips as quickly as you can place the tool in position.

As well as Hartco tools, our range of C and D Ringers can also be used for very specific applications, such as chain link fencing, picture wires and small cages. These tools work in a similar way to the Hartco tools but use a ring of wire that is clinched around the application to provide the fastening power.

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