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Sometimes, specific applications demand specific tools and the range of C and D ringers is a perfect example of how BOSTITCH has developed tools and fasteners to meet these needs.

Designed for the manufacture of car seats and the fitting of seat padding and springs, the tools use rings in two distinct types, C and D (also sometimes referred to collectively as hog rings).

Choosing a Ring type

To choose the best fastener for your application, be sure to check the overall outside diameter of your materials and check the tool and ring characteristics are right, selecting the combination which will accommodate the diameter of the material and give you the desired closure diameter. Also note that rings have three measurements; open size, minimum closed size and maximum closed size and it is important to check that each is correct before making a final selection.

If the ring needs to puncture the material, say on upholstery, you may need a sharp ring. Is rust a consideration? If so you may need Galvanised or stainless steel rings.

Please select from the choice of applications here to see the range of BOSTITCH tools and fasteners designed specifically for the automotive industry.