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Frequently Asked Questions

Fuel Cells

How many shots will I get from a fuel cell exactly?

External conditions will affect the actual number. On average, each fuel cell will be enough to drive 1,000 fasteners with our brad nailer and finish nailer and 1,100 with our framing nailer.

What is the gas inside?

Each fuel cell contains a blend of Butane and Propane, together with in an inbuilt tool lubricant.

Is a Bostitch fuel cell compatible with other tool brands?

Yes, Bostitch fuel cells are compatible with most leading tool brands. Check compatibility on the fuel packs and be sure to follow the instructions on the enclosed sheet for correct fitting and safety procedures.

Is our Gas HIGH or LOW pressure?

Our standard fuel cells are low pressure.

What is the working temperature for a tool?

The tool and fuel cells operate most efficiently between 0° C and +40° C.


How many shots will I get per battery before I need to re-charge?

A full charge should drive 600 nails.

How long do they take to charge?

In good conditions, 1 hour is sufficient. On first use, the battery may need longer.

Why didn’t my battery charge?

Firstly eliminate the obvious - i.e. is the charger switched on? Is the battery in good condition? If these are not the root cause of the problem, ensure that the sequence in which the charger and the battery are docked are correctly followed. The charger should be switched on first, and then the battery inserted. Failure to follow the procedure may result in the battery not charging correctly.


Are the nails for the cordless tools the same as for pneumatic models?

Yes, they are cross compatible with Bostitch pneumatic models. However, some fasteners are collated in differing lengths and with a different collation bonding, to make them compatible with cordless tools.

Will Bostitch fasteners fit in competitor tools?

Yes. The fasteners in our cordless range have been tested in most popular models. For specific compatibility, check fastener packs or click here for more information.

What does the colour coding on the nail packs mean?

Handy colour coding makes it easy to select the right fastener for the job. Green is for bright galv, purple for 12 micron galv, rose for hot dip and yellow for a stainless steel finish.

Can I buy gas and nails separately?

Yes, it’s easy with Bostitch. You can by our fasteners and fuel cells together or separately - whichever suits you.


What is included with a new cordless tool?

Each Bostitch cordless tool case comes with: cordless nailer, allen key, 20cl tool lubricant, Instruction manuals, charger & cable and 2 batteries.

Why don’t we include the Cleaning Kit and Glasses, etc?

Just like our Fuel and fasteners, Bostitch don’t want to tie you into using specific brands. Note that any safety glasses should always conform to EN166.

How often do I need to clean my tool?

To keep your tool in top condition, follow the maintenance intervals section of the operation manual for full details.

What is the cleaner and where should I apply it?

We recommend Bostitch tool cleaner or equivalent. Follow the cleaning guide included with the tool, but be sure to brush of any excess dirt and wipe clean before lubricating and assembly.

Can I use normal pneumatic oil to lubricate my cordless tool?

NO, cordless tools need a specific oil that is compatible with the higher temperatures experienced with the combustion of the gas.

At what ambient temperatures can I use the tools?

Both the tool and fuel cells operate most efficiently between 0° C and +40° C.

How fast can the tools work?

Tools can be used at 1 shot per second- easily enough for most applications.

At what altitude can I use the tools, and why does that affect performance?

Like any combustion engine, our tools need oxygen to help create an efficient ignition. Consequently, performance issues can occur in areas where the altitude is higher than 1500M.


I get nothing when I pull the trigger?

Remember, Bostitch cordless all use sequential trip actions for safer working. Be sure to follow the correct sequence as detailed in the operation manual.

I still get nothing when I pull the trigger?

Check the indicator lights. Is the battery fully charged?

I’ve checked the indicator light and am satisfied that the battery is charged BUT the tool still doesn’t work?

Check the fuel cell is connected properly and isn’t empty.

My tool still doesn’t work?

  1. Check that there are fasteners in the tool. Bostitch cordless tools come with a nail-lock out mechanism which prevents the tool driving unless there are fasteners in the magazine. Reload and try again.
  2. The tool may be too cold or too hot. Wait for the tool to return to room temperature and try again.
  3. Sometimes, after a jam, the driver can be stuck in the down position. Follow the instruction to remove any jammed fasteners and push the driver to the return position.

Why is there a flashing light on the tool?

The flashing light on the tool indicates the battery condition. Flashing green means the battery is charged. Flashing red means the battery is low and should be charged. No light means the battery is depleted and must be charged. Charge time is approximately 1 hour.

What is the warranty on the cordless tools?

All Bostitch cordless nailers are covered by a 2 year limited warranty. Please refer to the owners manual for warranty details.


Do I need to oil the cordless tools? If so how often do I oil them?

Bostitch cordless tools should be oiled at every cleaning interval. The cleaning and maintenance guide has specific instructions for when and how to oil these tools.

When I press down and engage the safety trip the tool makes a noise. Is that normal?

The sound is the internal fan activating, which is responsible for mixing the fuel and air for high-powered combustion. It also helps to cool the engine after each combustion.