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Updated range of Automated Solutions

Stanley Bostitch, one of the largest fastenings brands in the world, has revamped its range of automated machines that now offers solutions for a wide range of industries and applications, including pallet and case and timber frame.

The company has launched an impressive collection of machines designed to help users improve productivity, reduce overheads and increase quality and safety – just what you’d expect from any fastening machine – but where Stanley Bostitch really aims to impress is with the overall build quality and support structure they have in place.

Every machine is developed in close collaboration with the customer, from preliminary consultations to 3D designs and the final construction, to ensure every requirement is met. Plus, whether it’s an automated solution for decks, full pallets, timber frame or virtually anything that requires fastening, the same principles of class-leading technology, such as operator touch-screens, infra-red safety or remote diagnostics, are also used throughout.

Tom Catteeuw, Project Manager of Stanley Bostitch Automated Solutions, commented, “From the very first meeting we’re completely focused on finding out exactly what each customer requires, right down to the finest detail. Even though we have a standard range of machines we understand that each one will be customised to each client’s preference, and we will only use the most proven technology to make sure the final product is precisely what they specify.”

Following installation, which only takes place once the customer is satisfied the machine is fully operational during factory testing, skilled engineers are available to respond to any technical question, with sophisticated remote servicing able to access and repair the vast majority of issues immediately.

Tom Catteeuw continues, “We realise investing in an Automated Solution is a big commitment, which is why we’ve developed a support network that can instantly respond to almost any query. Key to this is our ability to remotely access a machine, no matter where it has been installed. This allows our technical team to diagnose and rectify issues quickly and easily. Plus, we personally train the customer’s operators so they’re completely familiar with the machine before it is put into production.”

Stanley Bostitch has a strong heritage of producing quality tools and fasteners, and their latest range of Automated Solutions, in partnership with Handsaeme Machinery, should prove an interesting proposition to many in the pallet and case and timber frame sectors.

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