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Important information: CE-marking for construction products

From 1st July 2013 the existing Construction Products Directive 89/106/EWG (CPD) will be replaced by the Constructions Products Regulation (CPR No. 305/2011). This announced change has understandably raised a number of questions and doubts about the necessity of CE-marking for construction products. However with this document we would like to clarify the situation to inform and reassure you about the extensive measures that have been taken by Powers and BOSTITCH to continue to meet industry regulations. 

When is a product defined as a construction product?
The new Regulation defines a construction product as a product that:
- is incorporated permanently into a construction or into parts of a construction
- has influence on the performance of any of the following construction work requirements:
● mechanical resistance and stability  ● hygiene, health and environment
● safety in case of fire    ● safety in use and accessibility in use
● protection against noise   ● energy, economy and heat retention
● sustainable use of natural resources

If any of the aforementioned definitions do not apply to the use of the construction product, it is not mandatory to use a CE approved fastener or fixing. For further clarification the flowchart, that has been distributed together with this letter, should help to identify if a CE-marked product is mandatory.

Declaration of Performance
If a manufacturer or distributor offers CE-approved construction products they will need to CE-mark the construction product and to declare the performance of construction products in respect to the above mentioned requirements in a specific document called a DoP (Declaration of Performance). This DoP must be made available upon request.

DoPs and CE-markings can only be generated for construction products that are either regulated in a harmonized standard (EN-norms) or regulated in European Assessment Guidelines. European Assessment Guidelines will be worked out from the beginning of July based on the existing European Testing Guidelines (ETAG) issued by EOTA. These are the basis for the current ETA approvals.

What measurements have been taken by Powers and BOSTITCH?

  • All Powers and Stanley Bostitch products that currently carry a CE-mark based on EN-norms (e.g. the wood nail range) will also carry the CE-mark in the future. DoP documents will be made available to the customers via the websites before July 2013.
  • All ETA approved products have a CE-mark and will carry a CE-mark in the future. DoP documents will be made available to the customers via our websites before July 2013.
  • Some additional products that did not have CE-marks in the past will carry CE-markings in the future (e.g. drywall screws, SDS screws, most BOSTITCH branded woodnails). DoP documents will be made available as soon as the product has been approved following the harmonized standards (EN-norms).
  • All other anchoring products that are not yet ETA approved often do not fulfill the requirements of the European Testing Guidelines (ETAG). Therefore for many anchoring products ETA approvals and thus a CE-mark are not possible.
  • Powers and Stanley Bostitch will have a full list of products available that are CE-marked on request and will clearly indicate these products on our websites.

Powers and BOSTITCH are committed now and in the future to providing the most innovative products in total conformity with the most recent regulations.

Kind regards,
Yura Biryukov
Product Director, Fastenings
Stanley Black & Decker

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